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Reward & Development

Reward and Recognition

Remuneration systems vary between countries but we aim for rewards to be based on local market levels and on job value established through a job evaluation system. Performance reviews of all professional, specialist, administrative and managerial staff are conducted against predetermined performance measures contained in annual work-plans. Individual and business performance is linked to reward, with the proportion of performance-related remuneration increasing with seniority. Remuneration for managers and executives typically includes a fixed component and a short-term cash bonus. Packages also may include long-term incentives in the form of equity or cash-settled equity linked “notional shares”. Length of service is recognised at all sites through gifts and certificates. Additionally, a variety of schemes reward exceptional contributions at the local level.

Learning and Development

CSL provides learning and development opportunities for employees at all levels. We aim to continually improve our employees’ capabilities to help them fulfil their roles safely, effectively and consistently. This enhances our performance as a company and facilitates employees’ development as they pursue their career goals and ambitions.

Talent Management

Essential to the sustainability of our business is our talent management process, which ensures we retain and develop staff for future promotion to senior positions and thereby facilitating knowledge retention and strengthening our corporate culture.

Our Talent Management programs include:

  • Development planning, which is encouraged for all professional staff, involves structured discussions to identify training and other development needs.
  • An annual global talent review process covering all sites and businesses, which provides the opportunity to acknowledge high-potential employees in a global forum, and facilitates further input on talent assessment from senior executives outside the employee’s business/site.
  • International assignments through which assignees broaden their business, leadership and cultural understanding, thus gaining the skills needed to manage a global business.