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Our Promise To Patients

CSL Plasma donors come from an array of different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. Many know someone who depends on plasma products for their health and wellbeing and in some cases for life itself.

Our ability to supply life-enhancing and often life-saving therapies is only made possible by ensuring a positive donor experience. All our centres operate to the same standards for the management and care of plasma donors.

Donor Assessment

In the US and Europe, where CSL Plasma centres operate, the Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency require a rigorous donor suitability assessment to be undertaken before plasma is donated. The assessment serves a dual purpose, ensuring that plasma is collected from a healthy donor and that the donor’s health will not be jeopardised by the plasma donation.

Outcomes of an assessment are shared with the donor. Donors who are not suitable are deferred and the reason for the deferral and its implications are clearly explained

For first-time donors, special care is undertaken to explain the benefits and potential risks of plasma donation. Furthermore, first-time donors can review the eligibility criteria online at the websites of CSL Plasma or the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association prior to making a donation.

The assessment process requires the collection of pertinent personal information. Across all CSL Plasma centres, systems are in place to protect donor confidentiality and privacy.

The Donation

Donors are monitored by fully qualified personnel at all times during a plasma donation. All efforts are made to ensure donors are comfortable and relaxed during the process. Following a plasma donation, donors remain rested and where required some of the fluid lost during the donated process is replaced with saline.

At any point in time donors are welcomed and encouraged to contact the centre if they have any questions or concerns about their donation and the experience. Any adverse events reported by donors are monitored by CSL Plasma’s Medical Affairs group. Ongoing monitoring helps to identify any trends and support the implementation of action plans, if necessary.

Donor Feedback

Plasma donors are able to provide feedback including complaints, either directly to the individual centres, or via CSL Plasma’s donor website – Z Rewards. Additionally, donor surveys are performed to keep a pulse on the opinion of our critical resource, the donor, and actions are taken to improve our services when trends are identified. Currently, the rate of donor complaints is very low compared to the rate of yearly donations.

Employee Training

Our employees are instrumental to delivering on our promise. Employees must meet mandatory qualifications for their specified roles and undergo competency-based training that is specific for their position. Experienced personnel and subject matter experts evaluate a trainee’s performance before they undertake any work independently.

Patient Experience

CSL is passionate about the customers we serve, both donors and patients. Taking a patient perspective in everything we do is critically important to us and our stakeholders. Patient stories are prominently displayed in our centres, helping to reinforce with donors and employees the impact we can make. Many of our centres have also developed relationships with patients who periodically visit to share with CSL employees and donors their experience and to thank them for their contribution. While motivating both employees and donors, patients also learn about the plasma donation process and the quality standards used to collect the safest, highest-quality plasma.