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Political Contributions

CSL’s approach to political contributions (which include donations) is articulated in Our Code of Responsible Business Practice.

We recognise a need to be involved in political and public policy matters where relevant to our business mission and the interests of our stakeholders. In the course of engaging in the political process CSL may from time to time make financial contributions to political parties and candidates.

We believe transparency of political contributions is important given the critical role governments play in the regulation, reimbursement and procurement of medicines.

Political contributions comprise any financial contribution, including donation, undertaken by CSL to a registered political party, an outside political action committee, or individual candidate for political office. A political contribution may also include the full ticket price for attendance at an event organised and sanctioned by a political party or individual candidate for political office and other activities such as a fundraiser/dinners/briefings.

Decisions regarding how to undertake political contributions are based on an understanding of the business relevance of the individual or political parties’ involvement in public policy issues that are important to CSL, taking into account stakeholder expectations and the ability to create shared value for patients and public health.

All political contributions are reasonably balanced in value among parties and candidates or representatives and made in accordance with all laws and regulations and in line with CSL’s Group Authorisations Policy.

CSL is committed to full and public disclosure of Political Contributions. CSL will publicly disclose the total value of contributions annually in our annual report.