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Competition & Pricing

Fair Competition

We act lawfully, honestly and fairly when competing in the market, and strive to fulfil our responsibilities to shareholders while facilitating access to our therapies for patients. CSL does not tolerate corrupt practices in any market.

CSL supports fair competition and forbids practices that would in any way mislead consumers, contravene applicable trade practices or competition laws, or constitute other unfair practices.

We provide employees with the required training to ensure full compliance against local laws and regulations, and we set internal policies and procedures, such as CSL’s CRBP, Anti - Bribery and Anti - Corruption and Securities Dealing. We develop customised online training modules to support our compliance training needs and deliver face - to - face training sessions, particularly for employees in contact with external stakeholders.

Access and Pricing

CSL is committed to ensuring that pricing for our products is done in a responsible manner. Pricing is one of a number of factors that can affect patient access in developed and developing markets. We seek to price our therapies fairly and competitively in all markets, and we work with governments, patient groups and other healthcare stakeholders to address access issues relevant to our therapy areas. In many countries prices for our therapies are negotiated directly with governments or other major payers based on demonstration of cost-effectiveness or through a competitive tender.

In other countries where our therapies are predominantly supplied via the private market, prices are established based on several factors, including competitive market forces. It is important to recognise that the price a consumer pays for medicines in the private market is also affected by a number of other elements, including intermediary charges in the drug value chain and payer coverage policies.

We seek to ensure the prices of our medicines reflect the clinical value to patients, communities and governments and provide an economic basis for future investment into the development of new therapies.

Demonstrating that value by generating data to illustrate long-term health and economic value is an important element to the pricing equation and remains a focus for CSL.