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Research & Development

A dedicated focus on product research and development (R&D) and operational excellence ensures we are well positioned to deliver new and improved therapies for unmet patient needs. For CSL, R&D is a critical driver of sustainability.

The CSL R&D Governance framework (as illustrated) is a system of committees and employees with clearly allocated decision-making rights and defined remits, designed to ensure that R&D effectively supports the delivery of CSL strategic objectives. The framework is designed to allow high quality, timely decision making for individual projects and the global R&D portfolio.

Strategic direction, portfolio decisions, prioritisation and resource allocation are governed by the CSL Board, Strategic Leadership Group (SLG) and PharmaPlan Committee (PPC). The PPC is the peak governance body within R&D and manages portfolio investment and execution in line with the guidance provided by the SLG and the Innovation and Development Committee of the Board. The PPC is composed of senior stakeholders from across R&D, Finance, Operations and Commercial and is chaired by the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). The PPC is supported by the Research Portfolio Management Committee (RPMC), Project Review Committees (PRCs) and the Global Life Cycle Management Review Board (GLRB). These committees are cross-functional with representatives from across CSL sites. The focus of these committees is to review, monitor and give guidance on and endorse R&D projects progressing from research to development through to lifecycle management respectively.

Core Project Teams (CPTs) execute the projects. These teams are headed by the Project Sponsor and Project Manager and have experts from each of the functions. CPTs ensure that the projects deliver to scope, budget and timelines in line with the project objectives. Each of the underlying expert teams focuses on how to deliver on their respective remits.