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Research & Development

We are evolving and strengthening our Therapeutic Area (TA) focus to support continued innovation, development of strategy and meet unmet patient needs. This will ensure a robust and diverse R&D pipeline based on a foundation of scientific excellence.

TAs have been selected based on areas where we have the capabilities to be successful using our existing plasma assets and focusing on rare and serious diseases. We will continue to use our three primary platforms of Plasma Fractionation, Recombinant Technology and Gene and Cell Therapy.

The CSL TA Governance model maintains two levels of decision-making committees – one focused on portfolio related investment and the other on stage gate-related decisions. The Therapy Portfolio Investment Board (TPIB) is the primary decision-making body for matters related to the whole TA portfolio. TPIB provides oversight for TA portfolio management, prioritising TA portfolio decisions and investment, and endorsing TA strategy and strategic priorities. TPIB is composed of senior stakeholders from across the business and is chaired by our CEO Paul Perreault.

TBIP is supported by the Therapy Product Review Committee (TPRC) which reviews, monitors and provides guidance on the progression of R&D projects through the stage gates. Within each TA, the Therapeutic Area Leadership Team (TALT) will determine strategy and evaluate new growth opportunities. Project Strategy Teams in each TA directly engage functional areas to drive project execution through the establishment of Delivery Teams.

The TA governance model is designed to provide the focus and direction CSL needs to drive our 2030 strategy, deliver sustainable growth and is driven by our promise to continue saving patient’s lives.