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Community group planting a tree)


Supporting our Communities Around the World

CSL's approach to community contributions is guided by our Code of Responsible Business Practice and Global Community Contributions Policy. The policy applies to all CSL companies and employees and is intended to be implemented across the businesses to guide decision making and management of any form of community contribution, financial or by other means. The core of the policy is our community contributions framework, which sets out our key focus areas of support.

To support our focus areas, CSL has developed a global community framework that includes:

Support for Patient Communities

  • Enhancing quality of life for patients in the conditions our therapies treat
  • Improving access to our biological medicines

Support for Biomedical Communities

  • Advancing knowledge in medical and scientific communities
  • Fostering the next generation of medical researchers

Support for Local Communities

  • Supporting community efforts where we live and work
  • Supporting communities in times of emergency

For more on our involvement in the community, please visit our website.