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Stakeholder Engagement

CSL regards stakeholder engagement as a foundation of corporate responsibility, and have identified our key stakeholders as patient groups, employees, investors, regulators, suppliers, government, healthcare professionals, plasma donors, business partners and the academic and scientific community.
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Material Topics

CSL’s Executive Sustainability Committee has overall responsibility for the materiality process and executes a global materiality assessment on a biennial basis. In 2021/22, we concluded our fifth assessment and followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards of sustainability context, materiality, completeness and stakeholder inclusiveness through our process of identification, review and prioritisation.
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Support for the UN Sustainable Development (SD) Goals

Across our value chain CSL’s activities support the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.
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Performance Summary

View a summary of our Key Performance Data in the following areas: Our People, Innovation, Safety and Quality, Economic Contribution, Community, and Environment, in section 13 of our 2021/22 Annual Report.